The Throat, Brow, And Crown Chakras

The Throat chakra corresponds to that part of the mind that expresses and communicates. It can be any type of conversation that the person is comfortable with - art, music, drawing, sculpture and poetry. This chakra also encourages your intuition to listen and follow the sound that guides you. After a while you will see that the universe will support you in everything you do. The body parts associated with this chakra are the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. The color associated with this chakra is sky blue.


The Brow chakra is associated with spiritual vision and the inner being. It is also the unconscious mind that directs our actions and our lives. From here, we can become aware of the motivation behind our actions. Extrasensory perception is also associated with this third eye chakra. It is the group of all our internal senses that is integrated with our external senses. The element here is the inner sound. It is listening to yourself without involving the outer physical world. The color associated here is Lapis Lazuli.


The Crown chakra is mainly concerned with problems of unity or division. This is our root with our father. Not only our earthly father, but also our heavenly father. If there is tension in the head, it means that there is some form of tension in a certain part of the conscious mind. It may make a person feel that he is hidden from all and does not see what is really in his soul. This is the most difficult part of clearing. Accepting the truth about one's situation can shock the mind until it takes time to reflect on the problem and finally accept it. If we all did a happy job, it would be a great life. The counter here is that if we keep doing something that makes us unhappy, it can spoil our health. The color of this cycle is purple.


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