Receiving Your Attunements


Reiki is a wonderful healing energy that we can all use in our daily lives. Not only can it help us heal from different ailments and causes, it can also help us to remove blockages that prevent our progress on our life path. Today there are many different systems of Reiki energy available and the beauty of it is that we can use different types of energy to interact with each other to obtain specific results. If you prefer to use the traditional Usui Reiki Healing System then you can do that too. Once you start to work with the different system you will become addicted to how the different energies feel and influence you!


When you choose to learn a system of Reiki you will receive a manual that contains the information about the attunement and a way of receiving that attunement. There are different ways to receive and attunement (which is just a way of saying aligning and absorbing the energy to be able to use it). The most popular methods of receiving an attunement are by:

1) distance chi ball method and

2) real time chi ball method and

3) in person. Clearly it is not always practical to be in close proximity to a person to activate the attunement so methods 1 and 2 are being used more widely. This does not affect the energy levels as energy is universal and can be tapped into by thought and intent.


Most people will use the distance chi ball method to receive (and to give) an attunement. This method can be very effective and once the chi ball is prepared it is ready for the student to receive whenever they feel the time is right.


A chi ball is simply a ball of energy that has been prepared by me to be received by another person (you). A chi ball is prepared with an intention for a specific person (you) and contains positive energy and symbols of the attunement you are wanting to receive. The chi ball can be prepared at any time and the recipient can choose to receive it at any time – there is no time or distance limit.



Once you have received your manual and you have read and understood the content then you are ready to receive the attunement. You will have already provided me with your name and location and date of birth. These are not all strictly necessary but give me an extra feel for creating the chi ball attunement for you.


When you feel the time is right ensure you will not be disturbed. That means locking the door, turning off the telephone and asking anyone who may be present in the house to leave you alone for a short time! You will need around 30 – 50 minutes for the attunements. These times may vary of course but it just gives you an idea.


You might like to make a bit of a ritual for yourself, light a candle or two, or some incense, put on some relaxing music, etc. In fact anything that helps you relax and makes it a sacred space for you.


When you are ready settle yourself down in a comfortable position, sitting or lying – your choice, and start to relax.


When you are ready simply sit back and relax. Take in three nice long deep breaths and say (aloud or silently – your choice) “I am now ready to receive the “name of attunement you are receiving here” attunement being sent to me by Caroline Todd.”


Then simply relax and let the attunement take place. When you feel you have received the completed attunement you can get up and blow out the candles, etc and enjoy your day.



Every attunement is different and what you may experience one time you may not experience the next time you undertaken an attunement. There are no hard and fast rules or feelings. Everything you experience is valid and relevant for you. Some people have reported feelings of warmth or cold. Some may notice a tingling or numbness, a rising or sinking feeling. You may feel nothing at all. In fact just about anything you can imagine, can be felt! Just enjoy it.


Some people like to feel their chakras opening up during this process and you can do this if you choose to. The quality of the attunement will not be impaired if you choose not to. It is simply and addition to the process that you can carry out if you wish.


To start this process off imagine yourself connecting with a loving light out in the universe and imagine that light slowly descending towards you bringing with it love and healing. Allow it to touch your crown chakra and fill it with light and love and then imagine the light moving downwards towards the chakra at your third eye. Imagine that filling with love and light and then allow the light to move down towards your throat chakra and fill that with loving light.


Next the light moves down towards your heart chakra filling that with a wonderful loving light. When you are ready allow the light to move down towards your solar plexus chakra. This chakra takes a lot of punishment as it is the seat of your personal power allow the light to cleanse this chakra and fill it with love before the light moves down towards your spleen chakra. Allow this loving feeling and lightness to continue and then move down to your root chakra. Once you feel all your chakras filled with light allow the light to continue down through your body and out into the earth beneath you. Continue to allow the light to flow through you for as long as you want to.



Some Reiki Teachers believe you should follow a set routine and strictly obey a given set of rules. I do not. That said you should be sensible as you will be working with energy and that energy will only be as effective and useful as the vessel using it. Therefore, if you have just done a pub crawl and have eaten a large meal – you will not be in the best of states for the attunement or for noticing and feeling the energy – let alone be a healing vessel for anyone else. The golden rule is be sensible!


When you are going to receive an attunement make sure you have had a light meal at some point prior to this. The energy can make some people feel light headed and if you haven’t eaten for a few hours this may affect you.



As your Reiki Master/Teacher, help and guidance that you may need does not stop as soon as the attunement has been passed and the certificate issued. My support and advice is available to you for as long as you need it. If you have any questions or need help or advice now or in the future, all you have to do is email me. Please remember there is no such thing as a silly question and if I cannot answer it, I will do my best to find an answer for you. During my journey I have received a lot of guidance and support from my teachers and I want to offer the same to you.

Blessings, love and light