Journal Writing as a Key to Self-Discovery

Using a journal is more of an exploration of your own self. Most people think that writing a journal is extremely a narcissistic step but that is not true because this is the first step of moving inside you. When you look inside yourself you will realize that you know so much that what you thought you knew. This will help you to also be able to counsel yourself. There are various ways which a journal can help you in self discovery. When you are writing journal you do not have to put down everything but what you were thinking of that particular time. May be when you were taking the dog for a walk you saw somebody crying that will make you stop and reflect. You should reflect about what you studied and the reason why you do something.


There are times that you do not know what to write on the journal and the time to write. A journal can be written anytime. But you should try and choose a time that is standard and so you do not have to write the journal every single day. You can choose to write a journal at least twice or three times a week. You can either write in the morning or evening or both morning and evening. It is very important if you choose a standard time so that you can have a guide to discussing and writing during these times. 


Some people also find it hard to buy a personal journal or some do not know where to write a journal. This is not a complicated thing and you can journal in an ordinary book. You can also go to the streets and find a cheap notebook which will help you as much. Journals were also made from blogs, in this current day they have changed to websites, but one can use them as journals still and writing confidential information. Blogs can also be made private and this has helped so many people because it helps those who are not shy of whatever people will read.


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