Starting Your Life Coach Career

You always wanted to be a life coach because you were a fetus. And now, after months or even years of preparation and training, you have become a certified life coach. Now what? Looks like you've hit a wall and doesn't know what to do next. Well here are some tips and tricks to get your engine running.

Target Market

The first thing you can do is determine who your target market is. Do you want to be a business life coach that helps companies and their employees, or do you want to be a life coach only for individuals? Next, you must determine who you want, as well as your customers. Would you like your clients to be men or women? Age 25 to 40, 30 to 50, or 200 to 300 years old? These are the choices only you can make. This is your preference. You can start by choosing clients that you are comfortable working with. If you are more comfortable with men, do this. Anyway, if you feel more comfortable around women, do this. Little by little, slowly expand your goals. You can start another life coaching than you would like. You may have started with men, but now you can start with women and try to get used to working with them. You try to be more comfortable.


Be Confident

You have worked hard to achieve what you have achieved, and you should be proud of it. Show confidence in what you are doing. You need to see yourself as a flawless professional who is very effective in the field you do. Confidence helps build confidence and boosts confidence. Once you experience it, then you turn it into others around you, including your environment and your customers.


Market Yourself

A life coach is not a coach if there is no one to supervise. As a novice life coach, you need to market and market yourself to others. There are many ways to market yourself, especially on the internet. You can also write articles or start your own blog site. The content should be related to life coaching and other relevant information. You can also write about yourself and the services you provide. One tip when writing about yourself is to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. However, I don't want others to know my weaknesses, so I write down all my strengths. But one thing to keep in mind is to lie about your weaknesses and not go too far to make them your strengths. The important thing here is to always tell the truth.

Join Activities for Life Coaches

Now and then there will be activities like seminars for life coaches. Anyone who is just starting out on this career path will benefit greatly from engaging in these activities. You can find other life coaches who have been working for years and have accumulated valuable experience. You can ask them for tips or advice regarding your current situation.


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