Yemanja - Goddess Of The Ocean

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by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Mother Water, Star of the Sea, Yemanjá is the Protector of Women.

Her healing powers are carried in the great waters, her energy powerful during the ebb and flow of life challenges.

West African, Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean goddess Yemaja is the Mother of Water, Orisha of the Oceans.

She represents mother love and the affairs of women - fertility, children, birthing, the home and family.

Yemanjá brings forth and protects life through all the highs and lows, even during the worst atrocities that can be suffered.

She reminds women to take time out for themselves, to nurture their own needs and to respect their deserved position in life.

Yemanjá is seen as the Ocean Waters and the Mother of All.

She is the giver of all life and sustains the world. Through her all things are possible. Without her there is only death and destruction.

Yemanjá rules over everything that is connected to the sea.


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