Written Intention Reversal Energy System

Written Intention Reversal

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by Mariah Windsong Couture

Written Intention Reversal energy system helps you to achieve your goals personally and professionally by erasing old intentions. Anytime you write something with strong feeling, you are setting forth an instruction to the universe. When your intention and goals change, it is important to reverse or erase your previous intention. Words are very powerful. The written word holds strong instructions for the universe to follow on your behalf. You will power your intentions stronger when there are not competing intentions from previous times in existence!

Be good to yourself and clean up your previous intentions!

A person who has shifted their focus and has new intentions for a relationship or job, may send forth their intentions, asking for assistance. Reclaim your vitality by reversing previous written intentions and be of one mind, attracting exactly what you want into your life!   Any old intentions that you set forth previously are still seeking support from the universe (Eternal Sacred Source and your helping healing angels).   This is part of what the verse: "A house divided against itself will not stand" was referring to. When you send conflicting requests to Source, your results may not be as you would prefer. Your energy is spread over several requests.   It is more beneficial to erase a previous intention so you are potently focused. Some benefits of this energy system are, but are not limited to:

Increased energy level and emtional health. Quicker achieving of goals and plans. Time gap between intentions and receiving the person or item into your life greatly reduces. You gain a greater control over your reality. Letting go of the past is easier. Instructions for practitioners to activate and facilitate a "Written Intention Reversal" energy session for their clients, friends or loved ones.

Pen and paper writing used to hold the strongest energy. Nowadays the electronic text is strong in its own right because of the predominance with which a person turns to it for their communications. The typing, checking and "sending" of a message whether by phone or computer or tablet has caught up with the strength of intention previously only accredited to physical hand -written pages. People often want quick fixes. You will need to work with your client, friend or loved one to instill within them the understanding of why it is necessary to activate Written Intention Reversal energy system for each person or project they want intents updated.


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