WhiteLight (White Light) Reiki Course - 4 Levels

WhiteLight (White Light) Self Empowerment Course - 4 Levels

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By Daniela Hills

The WhiteLight Self-Empowerment system uses the symbol of a white, crystal-clear, radiant energy orb.

WhiteLight Self-Empowerment helps to open chakras, helps to clear, to enlarge, to cure, to energize, and connect the chakras. It clears our physical body right down to every cell, and it clears our entire ethereal body too.

When you work with it, your vibration increases so that you can come into contact with your higher-self, your spiritual guides, and other higher information sources. My experience is that when you work with this system you will become very clear in your thoughts and feelings, and your intuition is sharpened.

One receives as much clarification and energy during the attunement as is needed for the individual at the moment. The more you work with it the stronger the energy will become.

This System is easy to learn! WhiteLight Self-Empowerment splits up in four degrees:-

1st The Clearing
Here knowledge about aura and chakras is required (and is explained in the manual), because in the first degree, the focus of WhiteLight Self-Empowerment is concentrated on clarification of chakras, and aura body clarification. During the attunement you receive the first clarification. You learn a very simple meditation to clear and activate daily, your chakras and aura. Integration time is about 5 days.

2nd The Healing
Here you learn to employ WhiteLight Self-Empowerment for healing sessions. Other themes are: Expanding the meditation, energy room clearing, protection and energy rising, self treatment, treatment for your clients, power places with WhiteLight Self-Empowerment TM and a special technique for harmonizing. You also receive another attunement. Integration time is 5 to 10 days.

3rd Expansion
In this degree, further chakras are opened and activated, and the energy is extended further, and increased. Themes are, among others, advanced meditation technique, energy spreading, distance treatments, cosmic healing depot, contact with your higher being, connecting with information sources, and more. This includes another attunement. The integration time is about 10 to 14 days.

4th Master/ Teacher
Here you learn the attunement techniques, and a teacher attunement is also included. In this degree, further chakras are opened and activated, and the energy is extended further and increased.

"White" has the highest energy vibration. It stands for spirituality, healing, clarity, and transcendence. "White" is nearer to the source (God) than all other colors. it is the mirror, and the channel of divine and spiritual qualities.

** The white light is universal vitality **

Actually White light is in itself not a color. White light contains the complete color spectrum: the quintessence of all colors combined. WhiteLight Self-Empowerment TM is a very powerful form of energy that heals, empowers, and clears your aura and chakras. It works with all chakras, not just the 7 major ones. You do not need to be a Reiki Master to take the WhiteLight Self-Empowerment, though some idea or experience of working with energies of Reiki is helpful.

You will receive 4 manuals and 4 attunements, one for each level.