Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Level 1

Usui Reiki Level 1

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This is the first of three levels (or degrees as they are sometimes called) and is the start of your Reiki journey. You will receive a distance attunement which will connect you to the energy and enable you to work with Reiki on yourself and friends, family and animals. The manual includes diagrams of hand positions used to self treat and to treat others. You will also read about the history of Reiki and the Reiki Principles. After you have received your attunement you will be able to work with this amazing energy straight away.


Level One Manual Contents

An Introduction to Usui Reiki Lesson 1: Reiki the Universal Life Force - 10 Things That Weaken the Life Giving Energy

Lesson 2: What is Reiki?

Lesson 3: How Reiki Works Lesson

4: The History of Reiki The Life of Dr Mikao Usui

Lesson 5: The 5 Reiki Principles Just For Today I Will Not Worry Just For Today I Will Not Be Angry Just For Today I Will Do My Work Honestly Just For Today I Will Give Thanks For My Many Blessings Just For Today I Will Be Kind to My Neighbour and Every Living Thing The 5 Reiki Principles are not commandments; they are simply gifts of wisdom.

Lesson 6: Preparing For Reiki 1 The Path to Reiki The Initiation Ceremony Preparing for the Workshop The Morning of the Workshop What Happens During The Initiation? What Happens After Initiation? Ways to Use Reiki after the Attunement

Lesson 7: Anatomic Illustrations for Reiki The Endocrine System The Lymphatic System

Lesson 8: Reiki Self Treatment How Reiki can help you How to treat ourself with ReikiI Self Treatment and Hand Positions

Lesson 9: Preparing To Treat Others with Reiki Appropriate Environment Remove All Jewellery Remove Tight Clothing Avoid Alcohol Personal Hygiene The Invocation An Example of a Personal Invocation Cleanse and Harmonise Your Clients Aura

Lesson 10: Treating Others with Reiki Full Body Treatment — Hand Positions Finally

Lesson 11: Rapid Reiki Treatment Hand Position 19 in Pictures

Lesson 12: The Ultradian Rhythm Technique

Lesson 13: Group Reiki Treatment The Benefits of Group Treatment Guidelines for Conducting a Group Treatment

Lesson 14: Reiki and Pregnancy, Babies & Children Pregnancy Babies Children

Lesson 15: Reiki Brings Comfort to Those Souls Crossing Over Working With People Who Are Dying

Lesson 16: Use Your Imagination Reiki and Animals Basic Techniques for Animals: Plants and Vegetation Basic Techniques for Plants and Vegetation Food and Drink Basic Techniques for Food and Drink Further Uses for Reiki

Lesson 17: Final Thoughts    


- distance attunements
- manuals
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email