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Universal Wisdom Empowerment

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by Rev. Tracey Loper

Universal Wisdom Empowerment Reiki is given to us as a gift from Spirit to remove blocks to receiving guidance so that we are aware of the unlimited and sometimes unexpected ways that we receive wisdom. The flush will ensure that our bodies are perfect receptors and that our senses are tuned in to receive Higher channels of wisdom and knowledge.

Working with the energies will awaken us to the synchronicities in our lives so that we not only pay attention but also take actions if we hear or see things repetitively in our lives. It will inspire us to ask for help and guidance, expect to receive it and pay attention to the guidance we receive so that we are acting on it rather than ignoring it out of fear and doubt.

The empowerment is designed to help us quiet the chatter in our minds so that we can relax into the certainty that the guidance and direction we desire is not only present but that we are in a state of receptivity where we can receive it without any blocks.

The Universal Wisdom Empowerment will empower us to have faith to act on any guidance that we receive so that we affirm to Spirit that we are indeed paying attention. We will begin to listen more, respond to the guidance and receive more wisdom as a result.

This powerful energy will open our central channel to the Universal Energy Source so that we are creating the opportunity for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. The energy will leave us feeling relaxed, centered, energized, clear and balanced and we will experience inner peace. This empowerment will enhance our creativity, help us to reclaim a life of joy and spontaneity, and assist us in cultivating inner peace. We will be inspired to create more love in our world.

Benefits of the Universal Wisdom Empowerment:

Open and Connect to the Divine
Enhanced Ability to access trust, follow and act on Universal Wisdom
Development of Big Picture Consciousness
Cultivate Inner Peace
Steady Contact with Inner source of wisdom, strength and love
Reclaim life of joy
Choose perfect health, money, love or help with specific problems
Receive Clearer Guidance
Create the life we want to live with ease and flow
Higher Awareness of Infinite Possibilities
Willingness to do our part whenever Divine assistance comes
Experience shifts from negative to positive creating
Greater ability to focus on what is possible
Be in tune with feelings as a guide to what we are creating


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- distance attunements
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email