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Tridaya Inner Power - 3 Levels

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Founder: Master Luykman Surjana

From the Founder

The meaning of Tridaya: Tri = Three, Daya = Force, so Tridaya Inner Power is a triple force of inner power -- the energy already in existence from birth. What will be trained and taught is how those three outstanding forces be can be awakened and used to neutralize an opponent without touching the persons concerned, as well as for HEALTH , for RECOVERY and GOOD FORTUNE.

Tridaya Inner Power proved to be the core of the inner power science which I have learned so far. So, for that purpose, the training is divided into three stages. These three forces correspond with three very important aspects of each human being, namely Mind, Body and Spirit.

Somehow, when I started to research this inner power science, I was led to analyze the inner power mysteries one by one, with the result that I finally found out that these three powers constitute the core of inner power strength. Although these powers apparently are independent from each other, they form a kind of synergy which mutually supports and fills in the gaps when this Tridaya Inner Power is needed.

Tridaya Inner Power does not require a long training period -- not three years, two years or even one year, but in one to two weeks with one to two hours of training every day, you can master the material and prove your skills concretely against materials as well as animals. The duration of training for each person is different. It depends on each individual, but there are people capable of demonstrating it in three days.

Clearly, if you practice exactly in accordance with instructions, there will be no time of trial and error present in the training and proof. Some days, you may need longer training sessions than another person. Why is it be like that? Each person has different potential capacity. Just as with a knife, there are some that still needed to be sharpened for a while before it becomes sharp. There are some in need of more time for that purpose.

Even with that, you should also bear in mind that the Master shall also participate and awaken, activate and carry out synchronization of your inner power potential which has never been trained. Therefore, you don't have to take a long period of time to master this science. These activations make each student able to utilize inner power instantly without having to train for years. This matter differentiates it from other self defense science.

Everybody has different inner power potential. Some have it in big, some in small size. Some also have large inner power potential, but unfortunately, it can not be dispersed outside since there are a lot of obstacles within his body. This energy handicap should be cleaned out beforehand. So, the process of each student's activation becomes unique and personal. This activation process is different with attunement at Reiki, but for those who ever received Reiki attunement
or Yoga initiation etc., this inner power activation process would work together with the process which you have received. You will enjoy multiple advantages and added value.

Knowledge is the foundation on which you build your authentication and confidence. The more knowledgeable you are, the easier it is to do authentication and confidence is the result. You will learn all aspects related to inner power science as well as application in daily life for self-defense, health, recovery and fortune.

This course will help you understand the advantage of inner power and clarify why your opponent can be defeated without touching him and how to practice a blow from long distance. A lot of secrets will be revealed in this course, with the result that you don't need to have same experience as I had for years looking for the metaphysical mysteries that cover it. You just have to follow guidance step by step and prove it to your friends and family.

The Tridaya Inner Power self-defense art training can be learned by any man or woman, or by any religious group or race in this world, without differentiation.

- distance attunements
- manuals
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS - you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email