Trade Reiki Trilogy

Trade Reiki Trilogy - 3 Levels

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By Daelyn Wolf

Trade Reiki Trilogy is a set of 3 different attunements:
Part 1—Mind and Logic
Part 2—Emotional Energy
Part 3—Action and Change

The Trade Reiki Trilogy—Mind and Logic connects you to the higher mind and source energy. The energies of this system work to enhance the logical mind so that you can make sound decisions, with the emphasis on business and trade. Whenever you make trades you must always understand the consequences of your decisions. This means you are basically working with the “if this, then that” or “A + B = C” mindset.

The energies of Trade Reiki Trilogy – Part 1 – Mind and Logic deals with a lot of common sense and also probabilities. Working with this energy helps promote a balanced energy of the mind for dealing with business and making trades, and also business deals that prove to be profitable and “win win” for everyone involved.

Trade Reiki Trilogy—Part 2—Emotional Energy connects you to your higher self and source energy for empowerment, motivation, and prosperity. The reason for trading is to be prosperous and abundant. There are emotions involved with any decisions you make. Some may take it to a more personal level which can lead to great euphoria or the lows of worry and fear of loss. Emotions are created by the thoughts you have about what you perceive. When you perceive something like a business chart or stock exchange of some kind you will have thoughts about these bits of information. Your thoughts about what information you perceive, creates emotions, which create actions and reactions. It is important that you only allow positive thoughts in order to manifest the results you want for prosperity.

Trade Reiki Trilogy—Action and Change connects you to pure source energy and to your higher self for success, empowerment, and abundance. This energy works to connect the mind, the emotions, and the physical realm of manifestation. The changes come about to manifest prosperity, abundance, and success as a result of your thoughts, emotional energy to move these thoughts forward, and the actions you take to bring change (manifestation) in your physical world.


- 3 distance attunements
- 3 manuals
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

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