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By Maha Kamaleksana

The world is full of unhealthy relationships. In these relationships, individuals cling to one another allowing cord attachments to occur between them. Ending relationships ranks pretty high up in the "tough stuff" category. It doesn't matter if you were the person who walked away or if someone else left you, a loss is felt either way. It is especially painful if a relationship ends without closure. Unfortunately, often times when people "breakup"what they don't realize is that they may very well still have cords attached.The intact cord keeps an open channel for continuous feeding on each others emotions and anxieties.

Among healers the sharing of energy is referred to as cording. This cord represents life support tubing energetically connecting two individuals together. Through this cord, the energy exchange is occur, penetrate and influence among relationship. Thus, it is possible to all of us get disturbance and imbalance turbulence through the cord to our energetic body. They act like a toxic spreading throughout our energetic body and blocked the stream of energy within our energy channels. They may also have big possibilities to immobilize our energy centers. Thus we may experience continued feelings of sadness or separation, anger, anxiety, being loneliness, not passionate, fatigue,sluggish, etc.

Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter Device is a sharp and strong energetic cutting device which helps us to cut off the energetic cord of relationship. Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter Reiki stops the energy field interconnections that allow our energetic body to be influenced or influencing the others.

It allows us to have a strong and healthy own life source which is free from the energy attachment from the others, especially from our close relative. Why? Because the closer relationship, much stronger the cord and automatically much bigger the energy attachment that influencing our energetic body.

This system is very helpful to present the feelings of freedom, peace, calm,equanimity and confidence within our life. Especially, those who have a bad or broken relationship. It helps them to have a new beginning

There are several methods of cutting the cord including:

Cutting Visualization:
Bridge Visualization:

These methods allow you to cut the cord and release the influence of that person, simultaneously.

Cord Visualization: This energetic device allows you to cut the connection even for your closest relationship; your family. We may not realize that our close relationship is also a strong and most influencing relationship that can be a toxic for our energetic body. This visualization is designed for it.

Internet Disconnected Visualization: This energetic device allows us to disconnect ourselves with net-work of people, to give times to yourselves to work with your energetic body as your inner work and come back to the net-work to bring your independent light to the people within the net-work. In other words, you will be able to work out and inside yourself safely.

Releasing Regrets and Denial: By striving to live life in a spirit of responsibility towards yourself and others, your compassion will grow, and your regret and denial will become apparent for the waste of time and energy they are. Just as no one else can be happy for you, no one else can be responsible for taking away your unhappiness, your regret, your suffering, your samsara, except yourselves.


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