The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique

The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique

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By Rev. Dr. Anna May

The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique can be used for chakra balancing and cleansing the energy centers to allow the flow of universal life force energy  more easily. By using The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique regularly your energy body will raise, and when our energy frequency is elevated, so is our level of consciousness.

The Rainbow Sequence will help you develop a deeper contact with your higher self and increase your awareness of your connection to the universe.

You will be restored to your etheric blueprint and operate on the earth plane at your full potential.

Many of you are remembering your soul-purpose as we move into the new Golden Age and are consciously taking steps to bring those higher levels of your being into expression on this plane. By working with the different colored rays of Universal Light, healing can be directed along the most effective lines by application of the appropriate colored energy. The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique compliments other energy healing modalities very well, though it is a system complete unto itself and may be used alone.

The Lemurian Goddess Amara gives a message and information about ascension and the Lemurians. You will find your work with universal light and force energy, the chakra system, kundalini awakening, healing work, pendulum chakra balancing work, rainbow sequence self, treatments, empowerments and grounding will all be enhanced.


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