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The New Chakra Healing Activations

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By Jay M Burrell

There are a multitude of energy systems that focus on the chakras. 

Today the chakras are used mainly for physical healing but this is very different from, and at best preliminary to, the yogic process of self-realisation, which is concerned with going beyond the body, mind and spirit. To open the chakras requires a radical change in one’s consciousness, which usually occurs only after years of meditation and deep
energy work on the self. It is not a simple matter of emotional opening or physical cleansing.

The New Chakra Healing Activations offers a set of spiritual and energetic tools that can be used for the optimal functioning of your chakras. They are designed to support your energy hygiene practices and personal self developmental goals.

The New Chakra Healing Activations are activated and directed by your heart felt intention. The attunements can be used in a general sense, which will activate all functions and run in line with your highest good to ensure optimal chakra health. Or you can use the energies in a very specific way on individual chakras using any combination of functions that you are guided to use. This gives you the flexibility and scope when you need to use them.

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