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The Divine Prayer Empowerment

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by Jay M Burrell

Prayer is important in our lives, perhaps the most important part of spiritual development. It has such powerful implications to our personal and spiritual lives. It is no use developing any ability unless you have also learned about yourself as a spirit being, a part of God.

When you pray, you become the prayer. We understand that the divine is an inner power, not outside of who we are. It is no use expecting an outside power to come
along to give you what you have requested. But if you recognise that and become your prayer through the sincerity and depth of your thoughts, then you have the answers that you are seeking. 

God has to find the ways and means whereby your prayer can be answered but how does this happen? We have, through prayer and intention, opened the doors to the spirit world, bringing this other world close. Instead of being “Up there” a million miles away, we have brought it here, close to us.

The more we explore this, the closer it comes.

Prayer is not all about asking, demanding even, when we think that we are asking for the right things. Prayer is listening, communicating, being at one with reality, the reality of God. In prayer, we become our God. And if we listen, we are given the answers, the strength and knowledge to see through our troubles not from an outside source, but from our inner reality. In that touching of our soul with the Great Soul of the Universe, we are filled with love and humanity. We no longer want for ourselves, but that which is right for humanity. It may be that we have our part to play. Then we will be given the strength of purpose to fulfil our task.


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