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The Celestial Chakra Activation - Level 3

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By Jay M Burrell

Prerequisite: The Celestial Chakra Activation Levels 1&2

The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 3 is a continuation of the original Celestial Chakra Activations. It is hoped that by the time you reach this point with your Spiritual Progression and have connected with the energies of Chakras 8-15 on a regular basis. It is now time to begin the process of Awakening, Expanding and Aligning Chakras 16 – 22.

The continued Awakening of your Higher Chakras is being given to help connect with the realisation that you are a True divine Being living an Earthly life and through this Activation your God Self and Galactic Consciousness will continue to resonate with the Galactic Community of Light Beings who surround and support Mother Earth and all of Humankind during these times of Spiritual Evolution, Transformation and Ascension. This is especially true at this time as we begin to enter a new phase of Galactic Alignment where we will finally be introduced to a band of Highly Evolved Energies over the next 2 years with an accumulation of Energetic Alignment at the end of 2021

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