Self-Empowerment Lightwork Reiki System - 8 attunements - digital download

Self-Empowerment Lightwork Reiki System - 8 attunements

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By Daelyn Wolf

This reiki attunement system has 8 levels. Each level builds on the one before. This is a very powerful reiki attunement system.

Level 1—Clearing
This level clears any negative energy or attachments that have locked on
to you and are blocking your energies. These negative energies can come
from imprints on things and places, toxic people, and negative thought

Level 2—Healing
This level helps with healing body, mind, and soul. It works to help improve
conditions and removes stress that can lead to illness and disease. It heals
and speeds recovery so that you can improve your quality of life. This
healing energy will continue working for you as long as you need it to.

Level 3—Love
This level works to help draw love and to heal relationships. This can be
family relationships, friendships, and love relationships. It improves the
relationship by enhancing and deepening feeling for each other and
helping to put you in opportunities to spend quality time together.

Level 4—Forgiveness

This level helps you to be able to release feelings of guilt and blame. It
helps you learn to forgive others and yourself. It is sometimes difficult to
let go of things that are harmful energetically for you, because you are
holding onto guilt or blame whether it is real or imaginary.

Level 5—Releasing Fear
This level works to help you let go of any fear or doubt. Doubts are born of
fear. Sometimes even just trying new things, stepping out of your comfort
zone, can cause you to feel fear and discomfort. Yet, to improve things in
your life, you must face this fear and continue moving toward your goals to
achieve them—even if it feels scary.

Level 6—Money
This level works to improve your finances. It draws money in positive ways
to you. It helps you heal your relationship with money and to build a strong
connection with not only money, but what it represents in terms of what
having money can do to improve your life. It should not be a struggle to get
through each day, or week. This attunement helps tune your energies to
flow positive money to you for the things you need and want.

Level 7 – Self-Empowerment
This level helps you discover what your dreams are and helps you learn to
take action to achieve them. You can dream all day, but in the end, if you

do not take action, you cannot achieve those dreams. It also works to help
you accept what it is you really want to be, do, or have. It helps you to stop
putting your desires off, pushing them aside, and taking care of everyone
else but yourself. You will discover ways to give to yourself and stop
denying yourself things you truly want.

Level 8—Creativity
This level opens up your creativity and inspiration so that you can find joy
in the work you do and what you love. Happiness comes from doing what
you love. It nourishes your body, mind, and soul since all is connected to
your happiness.

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