Releasing Resistance Reiki

Releasing Resistance Reiki

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By Stephanie Brail

Releasing Resistance Reiki will help you to remove or overcome common blocks to healing or change. Even though we think we want change in our lives, there's a part of us that really doesn't want it. It's not that we don't want things to get better. That's not the issue. The problem is that making our lives better sometimes means we need to change ourselves. It's easier to point the finger outside ourselves and blame external circumstances for all our woes. For example, if you are having problems with a family member, it's a lot easier to blame their bad behavior than your own.

This is not to say the root of the problem isn't with the other person. Often it is. But sometimes in order to shift a situation, we need to change ourselves. This goes beyond just getting some energy healing that will make us feel better. Change may mean stopping negative behaviors, letting go of old ideas, and finding new ways to respond. We may come across a few parts of ourselves that are stopping us from changing. The ego, which creates the outer face we put out to the world, will often resist any change of the personality because to admit a need to change admits “wrongness” to the ego. Of course, as healers, we know that there really isn't any judgment about needing to change, but our ego doesn't know that. Our ego sees any need to change as an insult and it can therefore set up an automatic resistance to it.




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