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Jose Gonzales and Stephanie Brail

There are meridians that run deep within the body and those that run close to the surface, but we will concern ourselves with the 12 main meridians that come to the surface. Acupuncturists have been using these meridians for thousands of years in China, but only comparatively recently in the West.

The belief is that if the energy flow is interrupted, some kind of disease arises in the area of interrupted flow or in a part of the body associated with it. If energy flow is badly interrupted, unconsciousness results and in the case of complete failure of energy flow, death. So you can see why it is considered very important to keep the energy flowing smoothly along the meridian lines.

Meridian Flush 1 removes bad energy from ones body and clears up the energy pathways in the body, thereby improving energy flow and distribution.

Meridian Flush 2 is far more effective and powerful than its predecessor Meridian Flush Level 1. It is a truly remarkable energy cleaning tool. Once activated it begins to cleans your meridian system automatically. The energy is conscious, and it releases blockages as it moves through your meridians. You can literally feel the energy coursing through your system and radiating from your body. It feels fantastic!

Meridian Flush 3 (Releasing the Past) provides a very gentle cleanse of the energy system with a specific intent of releasing past issues. Doesn't bring a feeling of instant fireworks (may but don't expect it). This flush works very deeply, but subtly, to clear out old gunk - past emotional issues, old stuff being held onto, stubborn blockages, etc.

Meridian Flush 4 (Embracing the Present) is a strong, sparkly energy that will wake you up & make you feel more energized. This is the type of energy that will make you feel tingly all over while it's doing its thing.

Meridian Flush 4 is used to clear away & finish the energies brought up in Meridian Flush 4. It is then used on its on to help strengthen the energetic system and align you with spirit so you are in tune with the present .... being present is about awareness and wholeness. Meridian Flush 4 brings us into that present moement. It brings joyful energy that can be used n time for a pick-me-up.

Meridian Flush 5 & 6 are designed to balance out the male/female energies of the energetic system; the yin & yang.

Flush 5 works on the yang or male energy. Balancing the yang energies will help bring more assertiveness and strength to a person who is weak and indecisive or call down a person who is too aggressive, violent and angry.

Flush 6 works on the yin or Female energy. Using the Yin energy can calm you down so you become more peaceful & restful if you're feeling too wired.

Meridian Flush 7 & 8 bring in positive energies of insight & inspiration; to uplift the spirit & help the individual follow their true life paths. This set also heals on a more esoteric level; to align the individual with their inner spark to provide insight & inspiration. These two flushes can bring increased clarity, joy & hope for a better future.

Meridian Flush 9 & 10 help release resistance and connect the individual with the 'flow' of life.

Meridian Flush 9 works on releasing resistance; resistance on the literal level as well as the figurative level. Our physical bodies need life force energy or chi to run smoothly. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that, when chi gets stuck in the meridians, physical disease can occur making it important to release energetic, and emotional, resistance for our physical heal and well being.

Meridian Flush 10 brings the energy of flow. Flow is, of course, easier without resistance. Just as a dammed up river cannot flow, our chi when block cannot flow well and we can experience disease in the body & mind.

Flow shows up as perfect opportunities, connections and people coming into our life as just the right time. Flow is getting the inspired idea .... that creative "aha" moment. Flow is living in a groove where the things that you need come in when you need them and that which needs to go, leaves on its own accord without struggle or stress.

Meridian Flush 10 helps to bring that quality of "flow" into our lives. It brings in new positive energy into the meridians. It acts as a spiritual lubricant to loosen up any calcified old energies and bring in fresh, new energies. It allows us to live more peaceful, productive, easy lives.

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