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by Violet Isabella Paille

Merfolk are sentient creatures, although not high in intelligence. They are humanoid above the waist, merging into a strong fish-tail below. Their hair comes in a wide range of naturally occurring oceanic colours; black, dark green through pale green, turquoise, blue, lavender, white, and silver. Merfolk are said to come in male (mermen) female (mermaids) and neuter genders (mer) although only the females appear in public; that is, above water in view of other races. Thus most legends and sailors’ tales speak only of mermaids. The Legend of Echra tells of one possible origin of the merfolk; a human female who was cast down into the sea for daring to love the Sun.

Each of the notes on the scale have a vibration and are used to promote different emotions and healing. You will notice that there are only seven notes on the scale, A-G and that correspond well with the chakras. Each note has both a positive and a negative vibration to them and the goal is to turn the negative vibrations into positive ones. From the notes we will move into the tonation. Different vowels sounds represent different types of healing, and can be encompassing to the client's experience.

Major Scale A: Represents the Heart, love, compassion and all emotions of the heart. This could also represents broken hearts. I find that A is also the awakening note, as it opens our heart to feel emotion.

Major Scale B: Represents the Solar Plexus, our center, and balance within the universe. For emotion this note would represent anxiety and fear of belonging. In positive vibration it represents balance, contentedness, and finding our place in the universe.

High C: Represents our Sacral Chakra, and all of our wants and desires. In positive vibration this note will bring excitement, ecstasy and a love for life. In negative vibration this note will show insecurity, doubting, and anger.

High D: Represents the Root Chakra, and our grounding with the rock. Positive emotions here are stability, security, and feeling oneness with oneself. Negative emotions would be feel despair, depression, and no focus or motivation.

High E: Represents the Crown Chakra and our link to our higher selves. Positive emotions here are peace, tranquility, and generosity. Negative emotions here are greed, jealousy, and anger.

High F: Represents the Brow Chakra and our mind, and intuition. Positive emotions for this note are knowledge, clever mindedness, and cunning. Negative emotions are manipulation, sensitivity, and inferiority.

High G: Represents the Throat Chakra and our voice and communication. Positive emotions for this note are expression, openness, and acceptance. Negative emotions are bottled emotions, seclusion, isolation, and rejection.


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