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Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer

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By Stephanie Brail

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological period where the planet Mercury reverses direction in relation to earth's orbit. (Mercury doesn't actually start spinning in the opposite direction, it simply appears to reverse direction relative to the perspective of earth.) During the period of Mercury Retrograde, communications tend to go awry, electronic equipment malfunctions, and it's not the best time to sign contracts.

Mercury Retrograde periods thankfully only happen a few times per year (though some years more frequently). They last a few weeks and can often just be “ridden through.” These Mercury Retrograde periods can be very inconvenient, however, and sometimes they wreak a lot of havoc before they are over.

One of the biggest problems with Mercury Retrograding is that it is generally a bad time to start something new. It is not the best time to get a job, buy expensive equipment, or sign loan papers for a new house.

Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer Reiki can help reduce or minimize the effects on you at this time.



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