Magickal Lightworker Program

Magickal Lightworker Program - 6 Levels

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By Linda Colibert

This is a special program that teaches you the 12 Universal Laws, how to use them, and combines magic and lightwork! The Magical Lightwork Program can be life changing depending on if you apply the Universal Laws and work with them. Learning to manifest your desires for the highest good can help you on your spiritual path to ascension, and also empowers you in the physical plane as well.

Learning to connect and work with your Higher Self, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, the Goddess, and your Guides helps keep you on track in this lifetime so that you can work toward completing your life's purpose on this Earth. This system greatly empowers you so that you can manifest abundance, great relationships, success, harmony, and more, improving your life, and raising your vibration for spiritual ascension.

The Magickal Lightwork Program is unique, and channeled to empower you to stand in your own power, and be who you truly are meant to be.

It teaches the 12 Universal Laws, connects you to the higher realms of light (higher self, angels, fairies, dragons, Goddess, and guides) so that you can receive guidance and apply the action necessary to raise your vibration and manifest abundance in all areas of your life for the highest good.

This is a very special Program of six attunements and 7 manuals that combine magic and lightwork! The six attunements with the Magical Lightwork Program are: Magical Lightwork Program Manual/Initiation
37 pages of information to help you learn about the 12 Universal Laws and how to use them, as well as information on magic and lightwork.

Magical Lightwork Program Higher Self Attunement:
Connects you to your Higher Self and clears the path so that you can connect easily. This attunement also increases your understanding of the 12 Universal Laws.

Magical Lightwork Program Angels Attunement:
This attunement helps you to connect to angels and shows you how to call on them for help with your Magickal Lightwork.

Magical Lightwork Program Fairies Attunement:
This attunement connects you to the realm of Fairies, and shows you how to ask their help with your Magical Lightwork.

Magical Lightwork Program Dragons Attunement:
This attunement connects you with Dragons and their powerful energies and shows you how to call on them for assistance.

Magical Lightwork Program Goddess Attunement:
This attunement connects you to the feminine energies of the Goddess, and the cycles of Maiden, Mother, and Crone for power, courage, and strength to face your life's challenges and for help in any area of your life.

Magical Lightwork Program Guides Attunement:
Connects you to your personal Guides and helps you to understand their messages.

Each of the six attunements has their own manual, and also included is a very large manual to teach you the 12 Universal Laws and how to use them. This Program can be passed to others, however, the individual attunements cannot be sold separately.

- distance attunements
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS - you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email