Magical Nature Reiki Attunement Course

Magical Nature Reiki

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By Pamela Caddy

This lovely course shows you that Mother Earth is the soul of the planet with her own Consciousness, Chakra System and Aura.

We can all raise the earth vibrations for healing.

Tuning into Mother earth's energies can teach healing, love, peace, and spiritual enlightenment by enhancing the powers of fairies, elves, tree spirits, gnomes and sylphs who love to help and heal.


This course can help with:

Ascension and Spiritual Growth
Healing and Clearing
Raising our Vibration
Connecting to Mother Earth, Nature Spirit Guides
Clairvoyance to see the Nature Beings
Clear Away negative thoughts and programming
Connect to Past Lives that hold sacred knowledge of Nature
Raise consciousness to help ground Spiritual Energies