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By Stephanie Brail

Love is something everyone wants. Our culture, unfortunately, focuses mostly on romantic love as the end all, be all of love. What happens then is that we become to focused and dependent on the 'other' to give us love. We can become obsessed with relationships; expecting one person, a 'soulmate', to fulfill all of our needs. Whatever broken parts of ourselves we have, whatever holes in our hearts that need filling, we look to 'the one' to solve the problem.

The problem with this is there is no other person who can fill that void in your heart! If you are wounded because of your childhood, or perhaps even past lives, a 'soulmate' may only trigger more issues for your. If this person leaves, then devastation and depression can occur.

True 'love' does not come from without, but, from within. By connecting to your spirit, and the love force within you, you will have an infinite supply of love.

The love flushes help heal the wounds that block us from experiencing the true love of the spirit.

Love Flush 1 works on releasing old wounds and hurts that are blocking the heart energy. We all collect these hurts and wounds as we go through life as a natural part of living hear and dealing with other people. Inevitably, someone will make us feel disappointed or rejected. Love Flush 1 gently releases these old wounds

Love Flush 2 brings in the divine energy of love; the light of God or the universal consciousness (or whatever you choose to call/believe in). This is the true nature of love -- a love that is without condition, expectation or need. This love is available to us at all times, but often we find ourselvesdisconnected from it due to the wounds we've gathered and held onto. Use Love Flush 2 whenever you need to experience universal love. Can be used in conjunction with the first flush or on its own.

Love Flush 3 -- Like love flush 1, love flush 3 works on clearing out old emotional wounds. Love flush 1 worked in a  more general manner and also on childhood issues. Love Flush 3 works more specifically on past romantic heartbreaks and betrayals.

Love Flush 4 helps heal relationships. It doesn't matter whether the other person is even interested in  healing the relationship. The energy will help clear the space between you.

Remember! "Healing" a relationship does not necessarily mean bringing to people together. It may instead allow for an easier and more amicable separation.


- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

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