Leprechaun Green Money Bag Reiki

Leprechaun Green Money Bag Reiki

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by Manuela Fasoli

A leprechaun is a type of fairy male, they usually are the bringer of real luck and fortune and they can give you different types of luck as money, fame, fortune and wealth but what they most love is giving you the right way to be the happy spiritual being
you’re bound to be.

The Leprechaun Green Money Bag Reiki attunement gives you an etheric green money bag that helps you to make more money and to have more richness.



- distance attunement
- short manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self-development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email