Inner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop

Inner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop

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By Hari Andri Winarso

Inner Self Evolution™ Empowerments Workshop is a method of Spiritual cord cutting. This is by far one of the best ways I have channeled to release any negative emotions we encounter each day, we have held on to from all lives past and present and cutting all emotional bonds to others that are no longer needed in our day to day lives.

It is based on Truth that only love is real and all fears and negativities we run across are only illusions we allow ourselves to see and feel. Once you come to understand the vibration that resonates by only love is real you will encounter an amazing discovery and journey into one’s self. Everyone we come into contact with in all ways there is a cord there that we need to cut. You can't cut the cords of love with that person it is always and will be there, The other cords we have there is no need for and this then is what releases us from all the bonds we have with others negative, emotional, and in all ways.

The Inner Self Evolution™ Empowerments Workshop took the some simple mental, emotional and spiritual tools / functions of cord cutting and turned it into a very powerful tools of karmic healing. Cord cutting sounds vicious but actually all it means is the dissolution of attachments. Attachments being any negative thought you have ever had about anything, that in some way causes you pain and suffering. Any attachment filled with love will never by altered or cut by this technique, this love can only be enhanced by the removal of the negative attachments.

There are 13 intent activations within the system:

Positive Location Empowerment I
Emotional Blockages Removal.
Mental Detoxification.
Trauma Healing.
Toxin Relationships Cleansing.
Relationships Healing.
Life Balancing.
Life Focus Empowerment.
Inner Courage.
Karmic Healing.
Self Awareness.
Positive Location Empowerment II


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