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Illusion Buster Shakti

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By Mariah Windsong Couture

Illusion Buster Shakti dismantles the illusions you've been operating under. These can be ones sent to you by others or ones you've created. Decisions you make are based on what you believe to be true. If you are believing an illusion in any area of your life that requires you to make a decision your decision will be based on information that will not hold true.

Each of us seeks information to discern how we feel and what we believe about the world around us. We need hold a perception about those who inhabit the world with. The opportunities presented to us by others begin as their perception, as they describe the situation to us. We choose what to believe about what is being told to us and what we've directly experienced.The compilation of what we've been told, read and actually experienced about a situation or item is the information we use to perceive it.

That is to say that we use all the information we can glean to choose what to believe and how we feel about a situation or person (pet, item or place). The information we've been told or read may or may not be true. Usually our experience is true, although that too can change in our memory, over time.
Illusion Buster Shakti works to bust through and drop away illusions we are believing about any situation, person or thing in our life!
When you activate this Shakti, she will attend to any area of your life that you lift up to her in your mind. Illusion Buster Shakti dismantles the illusion so that you can see through it to what is true for you. The illusion could have been about people, situations, religions, groups or places.

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