Holy Blue Light Matrix

Holy Blue Light Matrix

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by Hari Andi Winarso

Holy Blue Light Matrix helps to reach a deeper meditative state. Its frequency connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras, and carries the highest vibrational frequencies of all the high energy. It stimulates the third eye and crown chakras helping to increase one's intuition and psychic abilities.

It helps to ground higher vibrational energy into the physical third dimension so that integration of these energies can occur throughout one's being.

Holy Blue Light Matrix helps one to acknowledge and release deeply held emotions so that one can learn the lessons of past experiences and to see the "bigger picture". Thus Holy Blue Light Matrix helps to expand one's consciousness so that one can empathize with others encouraging one to be more compassionate. It allows one to remain calm and not worry over minor issues and brings clarity of thought thus aiding with issues of dementia.




- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email