Hem Ikh Egyptian Shamanic Healing System

Hem Ikh Egyptian Shamanic Healing System

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By Philip Hilton

The Hem Ikh Egyptian Shamanic Healing System connects you with the Hem Ikh energies through the use of symbols that assist in connecting with aspects of this energy stream.

Hem Ikh translated loosely as the ‘ball suspended in the air’ which references the sun gods Ra and Eten. The ball also represents shamanic journeying and how you move between energies and shamanic worlds.

This system is straightforward and simple to use as you activate a sequence of symbols through intention depending on what you want to achieve.

The symbols included in this systems and their corresponding archetypal energies are:

  • Hem - Ikh - calls in the Hem - Ikh energies.
  • Hem Ikh Energy Flush - removes stubborn energies.
  • Negative Energy - removes negative energies.
  • Cooling Water - cools hot energies such as anger.
  • Divine Flow - brings in the flow of energy.
  • Movement - brings movement to energies and situations.
  • Uniting Elements - the rebalancing of energies in unity.
  • Hollow Reed - used before any session.
  • Property Cleansing - focuses energy on the property.
  • Balancing Light & Dark - balancing of energies.
  • Aten - warming energy.
  • Shabti - allows the use of a Shabti (an energetic tool to assist in treatments)


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