Fire Spectrum - 5 Attunements

Fire Spectrum - 5 Attunements

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By Hari Andri Winarso

Fire Spectrum encourages spiritual growth and transformation. Release and  transform negative patterns of behavior, dissolve blockages. Peel away the layers to the pure being within. Fire Spectrum is the great purifier. In times of great change use this energy to support the process of cleansing and renewal. To transform matter into light. Purification and Transformation operates on higher levels and results can be seen more on the subtle vibrations. The person’s aura for example, may show subtle change. Release and transform fearful situations with this essence. Use this essence only when the change is underway, this will assist the process.

The Fire Spectrum has a strong connection with a primordial time at the very beginning of intelligence on earth. This energy can open people to their most ancient source ; back to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for its earthly incarnations. This remedy helps to unlock the most sacred part of an individual, revealing one of the last bastions of inner secrets and ancient knowledge that a person possesses — their original and on–going life paths. When this is revealed an individual will be left with a “fiery” sense of purpose and direction. Consequently, he or she is inspired and motivated to follow their life path and fulfill their highest destiny. There is no middle ground with this energy. There is nowhere to go except forward.

Fire Spectrum consist of :

  • Fire Spectrum Field Attunement : This attunement is used to attune and program an object with The Fire Spectrum. When an object is attuned and programmed as Fire Spectrum Field, the object will radiate the Fire Spectrum energy. This attunement is for programming the object as a protection and healing channel.


  • Fire Spectrum Chakra Attunement : This attunement is used to cleanse and balance the chakras. Fire Spectrum Chakra works in the chakras and aura at the same time. Fire Spectrum Chakra increases our energy levels and balances the energy in the physical and subtle body and aligns the subtle body to the physical body. This Fire Spectrum Chakra Attunement is also for empower a chakra.


  • Fire Spectrum Palm Shakti Attunement : This attunement is used to opening of the energy field, clearing, and strengthening the central channel (Sushumna). This attunement could be used to attract the highest and hidden potentials in a person in this lifetime. This attunement also used to pass the attunement for others.


  • Fire Spectrum Light Shield Attunement : This attunement can become a very important part of your daily shielding process. I have found this technique to be extremely helpful in creating a light shield that protects your energy field. It will help to harmonize our personal and environmental energies and amplify the results of all spiritually focused activities and it is assist us in the attainment of consciousness expansion as you are prepared to receive and hold the increasing flow of higher frequencies.


  • Fire Spectrum Transcendental Rebirth Initiation : Fire Spectrum Transcendental Rebirth Initiation serve as a portal that allows the re-patterning of old paradigms and brings pearls of wisdom into your present reality awareness. By clearing ancestral lines, womb imprints, perceived traumatic events, healing past wounds and freeing yourself from entanglements you can rebirth any intent into absolute coherent and harmonic brilliancy.




- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email