Family Care Reiki

Family Care Reiki

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By Mariah Windsong Couture

Family Care Reiki attends to the cohesive family unit by completing adverse karmic agreement that had previously brought challenges into the family.

People in a family often exist together in order to complete certain agreements or heal previous wounds of heart and soul. This is why you can have both fondness toward a family member one moment and might feel repelled by them the next. You are forging new connections with that person, yet the feelings of any previous interactions propel you to say and do things that you may not understand! If you knew this person in a previous life or even between lives in the heavenly realms, there is a history that affects the now. Family Care bring unity in families where people who have not known each other in any other time and place, and currently feel foreign to one another.

Nation Dispute Resolver is an energy function that helps people move past conflict that we may not even know the cause of, between family members. Let us say, for example, that one or more family members are of a soul lineage whose ancestors had big issues. This could be as far ago and long away as various star nations, or as close as tribes here on planet Earth. Historical records of who is acceptable seem to last longer than the reasons why. This is true across galaxies and universes.




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