Emotional Auto Immune Disease Healing Reiki

Emotional Auto Immune Disease Healing Reiki

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By Daelyn Wolf

Auto Immune Diseases are when something within your body is set off, most often by some external thing that triggers your body’s immune system to attack itself, thinking it is attacking the foreign particle or energy that is causing it. If fact, your body is confused. Something triggers a response in your body to attack—but it attacks itself by accident. It is always set off by something outside the body. This system connects you to your higher self, and to Universal Source Energy. It works to clear out those negative energies and remove blocks to  positive energy flow. It speeds healing and recovery and helps to prevent relapses and flare ups of any auto immune disease.

The chakras affected for auto immune diseases may vary depending on what auto immune disease you have. Also there are a variety of negative emotions that are stored in the body in different ways for different people. This system works on all of the chakras, and all of the energy flow and removed that blocked stored negative energy. The negative emotions that have the most effect on auto immune disease and often lead to it are:

Anger—at your circumstances and situation in life, and especially at yourself
Regret—feeling that you should have done something differently in your life
Blame—blaming yourself for things that have happened to you or others you love
Guilt—feeling guilty for anything—especially if you should treat yourself to something nice, when you have pressing bills or someone else in the family wants something
Giving without receiving—when you give and give to those you love and constantly deny yourself things you need or want


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