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by Alec and Debbie Summers

You should be a Reiki Master to receive this attunement

Djinn is also known as Jin, Ginn, Jinn, Jan, Genie, Jinnee, Jinniyeh orby his Greek name Notus. He is the king of the Salamanders who are the fire spirits. He is often seen as a 20-30-year-old man, with flowing, golden hair and clothes the color of the summer sun. He is forceful, terrifying, and magnificent but he can also be gentle and comforting.

When in of need healing, you can ask any or all of the elemental kings to help you. All the elements work in tandem, so you can call in one or two different elementals (or even all of them) and their kings to help you with one specific problem. This will vary from person to person. For example, in a busy world it pays to stop for a moment to think about the elements to relieve the stress in your life. You may wish to meditate on each elemental group to bring you closer to them. 


- Distance attunement
- Manual
- Bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self-development, etc
- Certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email