Divine Human Angel Reiki

Divine Human Angel Reiki

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The phrase Human Angel has been used in literature for thousands of years. We are no longer the only planet of free choice. The Second Planet of Free Choice has begun and is in its own evolutionary time frame. It is said that as Angels in Heaven, their own highest purpose is to reflect the magnificence of humans. And that we as Humans are now beginning to evolve into higher vibrational status.

The next stop on our evolutionary travels will lead some of us to become Human Angels.

The Angelic Humans were and have been created with a particular design to hold the Christ Consciousness of the Planet in its evolutionary phase during the time of the inter-dimensional shift that is being presently experienced. Christ Consciousness does NOT mean Jesus of the Christian faith. The Master Jesus took the Christ Consciousness upon himself as an aspect of the Creative Source. He has become the model for that perfection.

The aspect of Christ Consciousness that is being discussed in this information was in existence before anything or anyone was created. It holds the intention of divine compassion, non-judgment and unconditional love.

While these words are familiar, there are few who are ready to resonate with these frequencies without experiencing some challenges within the quadrant of polarity that is known as earth. To integrate unconditional love within the day-to-day experience is of prime importance for each Angelic Human. That means that all of the love that is felt and experienced has absolutely no conditions placed upon it.

Since the inception of divine grace (the receiving of something with no merit or worth necessary), it has been known that the duality of the 3rd dimension, as it anchored itself within the 4th dimension and began to ready itself for 5th dimensional consciousness, would have an opportunity to "slip" back and maintain a more familiar status quo. Some speak of this as evil or negative. It is not. It is simply the natural attraction to that which is felt as balance no matter what it may look like to the observer. All resonates most easily with habitual familiarity.

By Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

The Angelic Humans made the commitment and the decision long, long ago (close to a billion years ago) to be present at the time of this occurrence. Much has happened and been experienced by each soul entity that is referring to itself as an Angelic Human (or "AH") and the wealth of talents, wisdom and creativity that is present upon the earth now is more than ample to hold the frequency of divine perfection during this intense time/space fracturing.

So, as you begin to recognize each other, take the time to place upon your soul's memory plate the actual template of that which you ARE and lay aside any individuated desire to be separate, special or recognized in a way that is not part of the whole. There is more than enough space for all to bring forth his/her talents and knowing and a portion of all will be shared in a way that far surpasses anything that may be cognitively wished for in this moment. This is about selfless giving and Self-full manifestation of all that you are able to create and unfold at this time. Know that you are needed, wanted and loved. The time is now and you are here. It is most glorious!

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