De-Program Self Punishment Reiki

De-Program Self Punishment Reiki

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By Stephanie Brail

The Deprogram Self-Punishment Empowerment helps to deprogram any self-punishment “program” that might be running in the subconscious, leading to self-sabotage, under-achievement, and personal drama. A self-punishment program is an unconscious set of instructions that makes a person sabotage or “self-destruct” instead of succeed.

Self punishment can include tendencies such as destroying promising relationships before they get off the ground, constantly creating drama at work, or overspending and mismanaging money. Sometimes the self-punishment program shows up in the way a person treats themselves. They might overeat, drink too much, or become workaholics.

Instead of exercising, they watch too much television. Instead of eating healthy foods, they eat junk food. Self-punishment becomes a vicious circle and can lead to more self-punishment. Self-punishment programs usually come from childhood dynamics such as dysfunctional families, but can also stem from past life issues. This energy helps to clear the programs and allow for personal success and happiness.


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