Clearing Business Fears Anxiety & Negative Attachment Reiki

Clearing Business Fears, Anxiety, & Negative Attachment Reiki

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by Daelyn Wolf

Clearing Business Fears, Anxiety, & Negative Attachment Reiki is a powerful system that works to empower you to overthrow business fears, break the illusions, and take back your personal power.

Fear causes anxiety and results in negative thoughts and attachments that stick solidly to your energy fields. This fear is actually illusion and wrong thought. It is controlling and it consumes your mind and turns all your thoughts to worry and anxiety. You feel anxiety because you know that you are under control of fear and that it is only illusion. Yet you don’t know what to do about it because you are so consumed by it all. You may feel trapped in the illusion that holds you and prevents you from moving forward.

When these fears are focused on business and finance, you self sabotage all of the good fortune that would normally come to you. The energies of this system work to remove, clear, and banish business fear, all fear connected to money, prosperity, and abundance. There is a powerful symbol to help you clear instantly fear thoughts about business and money anytime it pops into your mind. It is important to rid yourself of business fears and the anxiety and negative attachments that go with it in order to achieve success and abundance.


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