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Cleansing Flame of Christ

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by Ekaterina Fedosova 

The flow of Cleansing Flame of Christ comes from the source of God, Christ, the cosmic universal realms. An endless and stormy stream descends from above with a violet-golden flame. This flame is rapidly descending on you and on the entire space around, the work of the flow takes place in all dimensions, times and spaces.

The vibrations of the flow can shake you, you may feel dizzy, catch your breath. Remain calm and accept in full confidence the gift of God the creator, highest teacher of Christ.

The Cleansing Flame of Christ brings a full-scale purification of your structures at the subtlest levels of your being and in the gross world. Your body cells, dna, rna, all your quantum particles receive release and purification.

The Cleansing Flame of Christ is a stream of eternal, renewing life. The flow is eternal and natural. Go through the initiation of Christ and discover the gifts of the stream.

Here are some of them:

- purification of the physical body (internal organs, release from diseases, purification of defective dna, etc.)

- purification of energy structures (chakras, meridians, energy fields, restoration of polarities, etc.) - purification of the psyche, mentality (release from the cage, the cycle of negativity, closed circle, closeness, narrow-mindedness, bell-bottoms, stamps, etc.)

- purification from emotional garbage and reflection

- clearing the path in a new reality - purification from "junk" and "swamp" in life

- protection from attacks and influences (energy, magical, mental, ritual, alphabetic, symbolic, verbal, sound, aromatic, natural, images, amulets, objects, dead, creatures of the lower world, the world of the middle, higher, alien, egregore, etc.) The flow wave spreads for thousands of kilometers around, the flow is full - scale.

Transformations and changes affect everyone around. Be prepared that the whirlwind of flame will turn you and everything around you, safely and inevitably. Сleansing flame of Christ is suitable for experienced masters and people who are ready to cooperate and work with higher powers.



- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

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