Celestial Moon Reiki Attunement

Celestial Moon Reiki Attunement

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By Hari Andri Winarso

Celestial Moon Reiki Attunement is a powerful tool for healers. It helps restore gratefulness. It is used more to  help deepen inward healing rather than for giving physical healing.

Some of the benefits of Celestial Moon Reiki Attunement include:

Helps to connect you with your personal dreams. You may find the power to bring your intentions to life through recognition and visualization of your goals.

Gives us a profound sense of self-awareness:  Celestial Moon can stimulate your ability to learn and develop mentally, tapping into ancient wisdom and deep awareness.

Offers us youthful energy and exuberance:  this attunement can stimulate sensuality, sexual joy and creativity.  This power and energy can be used for personal exuberance and fertility.  It helps you to welcome growth and change in your life and can reconnect you to your own spirit and thus help you on your path.

Take us to a pace of emotional calm and tranquility:  The Celestial Moon can help us to see our many accomplishments, growth and changes we have made in our lives.

Stimulating to all positive purpose and particularly protective in times of stress:  The Celestial Moon can help to air old problems and issues within your family and friends so you can lay them to rest through contemplation of your emotional health and affirming your connection to earth and experiencing the joy of being alive.

Bring us to the Wisdom:  Celestial Moon can help you to find the balance and gratitude to create your inner security and comfort, moving beyond ties of the past and clearly seeing the way forward.  It can support you in releasing old emotions that block your sense of comfort and safety as you proceed on your journey in life.  With clarity of vision you can make the right choices with confidence.

Helps to rejoice, to recognize our own prosperity, it stimulates your dreams – helps us to see further, and it stimulates the Bardic voice, so that we can speak our truth.

Helps us to release old patterns, prejudices and negative feelings, leaving us feeling buoyant and full of Hope:  Celestial moon can help with finishing projects and ending relationships.

Brings us to a place of tranquility, of inner and outer stillness:  Celestial Moon is associated with the love of family and clan, of home and community, affirming the bonds that help us feel protected.Gives us a sense of completeness, providing the healing we need to banish negativity.


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