Attachment Release Reiki

Attachment Release Reiki

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By Amanda Hadley

Attachment Release Reiki is a Reiki system that aids in the releasing of attachments to things that are holding you back, keeping you in a negative mindset-basically to things that no longer serve you and need to be released.

We all form attachments throughout our lives to other people, pets, memories, objects, thinking patterns, beliefs, fears, etc. Forming attachments is what makes us who we are, they enable us to experience emotions and forge relationships, but some attachments we hold onto are negative attachments, they do not serve us or help us. These attachments trigger emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, pain, anxiety, shame, guilt, etc. They place the body and mind under great stress and cause unnecessary suffering.



- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email