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Atlantian And Gaia Trilogy Reiki 2019

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By Jay Burrell - this is the updated 2019 channelling

There are 3 activations in this series.

The Atlantian Crystal Activation is the 1st in a Trilogy of Systems created by Jay Burrell to bring a new energy from Atlantis and Mother Earth (GAIA).

The Purpose of this Activation is to bring in the knowledge and Energy that was and is stored into the main Atlantian Crystal which was kept in the Great Poseidon Healing Temple in Atlantis. The Atlantian Crystal Empowerment will activate the lost strands of DNA within you. An Etheric Atlantian Crystal will permanently be placed above your Crown Chakra to permanently connect you to its energies.

After the Activation it is recommended that you activate the crystal at least once a day during your meditation time to gain a rapport with your own Crystal and to learn of the Ancient Secrets of that this crystal holds.

This could be anything from a Past Life experience to bringing forth new Unknown Knowledge that will be passed to you. These messages will mostly focus on helping humanity to evolve to a higher dimension of thinking.

It raises your vibration and helps to change mankind by working to eliminate pain, suffering, lack and limitation, injustice, and all lower self thinking that harms self or others. By raising your vibration, you are working to eliminate problems and lower Vibrational situations here on Earth.

This can work on a personal level as well, because every lesson you master will never have to be dealt with again.

The Crystal Skull Activation is the 2nd system in this trilogy.

From the founder: The crystal Skull Activation came to me while I was passing the Atlantian Crystal Attunement to a Student, A Spirit being came through calling himself Moldor saying he was the keeper of the crystal Skulls and that I should allow these new energies to flow through me. He also mentioned that now was the time for these skulls to come forward ethericaly to help mankind in there Ascension process.

The Atlantians are at a higher level/dimension than we are which is why we cannot detect them but they know we are here and are now coming forward to help us in our spiritual progression and ultimate ascension for Mankind and Mother Earth.

A crystal skull is a stone carving in the shape of a human skull. Some are made of pure quartz crystal, but many are made of other types of stone found in abundance on Earth.

They are endowed with magical powers such as the spontaneous production of holographic images, Ancient knowledge and wisdom about mankinds past present and future. The Crystal Skull can also help in astral projection, where you will be able to visit other dimensions and worlds. They also emit a frequency that is called the Earth Frequency. Crystal skulls are a center of radiant psychic energy and have the power to increase happiness and improve people's lives for the better.

The Crystal Skull that you will receive during your Attunement will always be with you, as it is placed above your crown Chakra into your 8th Chakra (Transpersonal Point/Soul Star Chakra) which will be above the Atlantian crystal that is placed into your 7th Chakra or crown chakra. Once attuned to the energies of the Crystal Skull, and have had your own Ethereal Skull placed into your 8th Chakra, this will help you with any and all psychic abilities you may have or may not know you have.

The Elemental Earth Star Empowerment is the 3rd and final Attunement in the Atlantian and Gaia trilogy of energy systems.

During your Attunements to the Atlantian Crystal Activation and Crystal Skull Activation which are prerequisites for receiving this Empowerment you were connected to higher bands of Energy as well as the higher aspect of yourself (your Higher self).

Now is the time to anchor and draw upon the energies of our mother Earth (Gaia) to help ground yourself and to tap into the unlimited energies that mother earth has to offer to clear and cleans all levels of your being to become whole.

From the founder: In the Atlantian Crystal Activation Manual I talked about Lay Lines or Energy Lines that run throughout the earth.

These lay lines run directly through the Earth Star Chakra that we all have and is situated just 3ft below our Earth Chakras (Soles of Feet). The main benefits that you will receive from accepting this Attunement is that you will become whole in yourself and the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies within us all will become one. You will also gain a stronger connection to mother earth and through using the energy of the elements you will bring healing to not only yourself and Mankind but also to mother earth.


- distance attunement
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- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
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