Animal Reiki Healing Business Package With Website

Animal Reiki Healing Business Package With Website

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This is a great way to get a head start on animal healing as it includes ALL manuals, ALL distant attunements and certificates upon completion Did I mention your own website too?

In fact Everything you need to be up and running YOUR animal reiki healing business!

If you are passionate about animals and caring for them you may already have thought about reiki as a tool for healing them.  This great animal reiki attunement package will enhance your healing capabilities and allow you to set up in business to treat animals with the reiki energy

What do you get?

~ 7  animal reiki attunements (listed below) with manuals and certificates

~ 10+ FREE reiki attunements (not related to animals and you cannot sell these but can give them away or create your own workshops from them.  No certificates issued for these)

~ BONUS manuals for chakras, auras, spiritual self development, etc

~ FREE WEBSITE (see below for example design - you can choose your own colours, etc)

~FREE HOSTING OF WEBSITE FOR 12 MONTHS (£40 per year thereafter)

~ FREE domain name of your choice (it has to be available)

Which attunements will I receive?
Animal Angel Reiki
Angels Of The Earth Animal Healing Reiki
Spiritual Animal Healing Program
Phoenix Rising Reiki
Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki
Unicorn Energy Healing System
Animal Light Communication Reiki

You will also receive a selection of more than 10 FREE additional attunement manuals.  You can't sell the manuals but you can use them for healing sessions, or give aways to entice people to your site or perhaps add to your own workshops that you already run.  The choices are yours!

This is an example of how the website will look

If you want a different background/graphics etc or want your own adding then that's fine just let me know otherwise this is what will be uploaded to the net.  Also if you want different writing just email it to me.

Each page will be loaded with the description of the courses and a payment button to enable you to receive payment.  Set your own prices for the attunements - just let me know what you would like putting up there.

If you just want the website to offer animal healing then that's fine too - just let me know your details.

Everything is set up for you - you just need to promote - did I mention you get access to marketing manuals too?


- distance attunements for all attunements

-  manuals for all attunements

- certificates for all attunements (except the free ones)

- more than 10 FREE attunements (no certificates)

- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc

- website

- free hosting for 12 months (thereafter £40 per annum if you choose to stay)

- free web domain

This is a wonderful opportunity to build your own healing business - online and offline.

PLUS - you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information will be sent to you by email