Amulets of Kemet Reiki Attunement

Amulets of Kemet Reiki Attunement

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By Stewart Farquharson

Amulets in Egyptian graves began as green schist stone figures of animals.  These were laid upon the dead in hopes of giving them a place in the heavenly otherworld. Where most prehistoric people wanted their dead to stay firmly in the grave, Egyptians wanted them to walk and see and speak – but in the heavens - and on earth in the form of animals.

There were rites to open the mouth and the eyes and the legs to spirit energy. Later as the ideas of the gods became clear, and writing was well developed, the names of deities were written on the amulets and prayers were spoken over them. These have survived in the famous Book of the Dead. It seems as if the gods are being compelled to help the dead person. In my opinion, if the gods are true beings of wisdom, compassion and power, then what is being established is a rapport with the gods. A memory of what humans were and can be.

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