Absolute Infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment Reiki

Absolute Infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment Reiki

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By Rec Tracey Loper

The Universe is indeed INFINITELY ABUNDANT!

The Divine Source gives us this empowerment to remove states of fear and lack and to empower us to ask for what we want and believe that we deserve to receive abundance. It will rid us of the tendency towards focusing on what we do not have creating more lack and problems to work through. Instead we will be energized and empowered to ask for what we want with conviction and belief that what we are asking for WILL be granted!

After we make our request known and believe absolutely that as a result of our intention our request is already manifesting in the INFINITE field of PURE POTENTIAL we know truth.

Absolute Infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment Reiki will help us trust that whatever we need will be provided in the Divine Moment we need it. We will live our lives with an attitude of calmness, accepting that we are always safe and will be provided for and have the inner knowing that there is ALWAYS more than ENOUGH for EVERYONE!

We live in an ABSOLUTE INFINITELY ABUNDANCE UNIVERSE and all that we desire is ours for the asking.

We will no longer need to live in fear of lack. We will experience profound peace.

The habit of seeing ‘limits’ will leave us. We will KNOW we are a CHILD of the Absolute INFINITELY ABUNDANT UNIVERSE. We will SEE the MORE of what IS. We will BE ABSOLUTELY INFINITELY ABUNDANT and ACT in accordance with this truth. As we act as if we are INFINITELY ABUNDANT in ALL things - we will ATTRACT it to us! Scarcity and lack will no longer resonate with us. We will think BIGGER! We will be free of limiting ourselves to limited abundance and allow the flow of the ABSOLUTE INFINITE ABUNDANCE availed to us by DIVINE RIGHT.

We will live as the Abundant Beings we were created to be. We will release the illusion - the lie of scarcity! Believing the Universe is an Absolute Infinitely Abundant Place means not seeing the world as one of scarcity. We will no longer feel we have to fight or compete for the last piece of the pie, because we will know that the supply is endless!

As a result of working with this energy will no longer live and operate from a basis of fear!

We will be free to create, invent, and share our best ideas because we know there is an INFINITE number of good ideas! We will be more generous! We will let more people contribute to and benefit from our success because there is no limit on success! We will no longer cling to things and develop unhealthy attachments! We will share our love, energy, and light freely because we know it belongs to ALL! Believing that the Universe is Absolutely Infinitely Abundant means giving away what we hold most dear and contributing to and giving back to the All! After all, we stand to receive an infinite number of riches back in ways we cannot even fathom.This amplifying energy combined with our intentions, faith, desire and thought will enable us to realize our deepest desires and dreams.

Benefits of Using the Absolute Infinitely Abundance Universe Empowerment

Attract Abundance in all forms
Manifest innermost dreams and desires
Think bigger
Experience attitudes of joy and gratitude
Live as Abundant beings
Release lie of scarcity
Act Absolutely Infinitely Abundant
Experience increase in generosity, goodwill, charity
See the More of what IS
Magnetize good luck, fortune, prosperity and abundance
Attain an infinite number of good ideas
Be freed from states of fear and lack
Experience feelings of safety and peace knowing that all our needs will be provided for
Release from the habit of seeing limits


- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email