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4th Eye Activation Attunement

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By Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture

The Urim and Thummin, in many sacred traditions throughout history, have been central to the role of Divining. They were written on stone for casting lots to determine guilt or innocence and were inscribed on the breastplates of High Priests. They are described as ‘Lights’ or crystalline lights.

The Urim and Thummins’ roles are necessary for us because this is but one of many realities. As frequencies move through the membranes between realities and worlds, distortion is possible.

Your 4th Eye is the seat of your multidimensional sight and is located in the back of your head, just below the crown, and just above your Jade Pillow. The Jade Pillow is the soft spot atop your spine. It is also known as the Bindu Kshetram chakra point.

The tri-chromatic circuitry form a crystalline grid of resonance. Their pathways are infused by 12 Strength Movers of the Light, impeccably connecting your left, right, and 3rd (Ajna Chakra), and 4th Eyes. The Urim and Thummin operate more effectively when a tri-chromatic circuitry is in place. They prepare and open more memory space within human brains. This memory is particularly suited to receiving downloads from Spirit. Now you will have access to it.It is common to hear people speak of having received a download of energy containing information.
Many times however, it feels as if the download either then disappears, is irretrievable.

Sometimes feels to remains in the ‘loading dock’ of our 3rd eye area causing pressure and headaches. This 4th Eye Activation ‘awakens’ your 4th Eye. Now your third eye doesn’t need to do ‘double’ duty. Pressure is reduced and ease is known.

Your 4th Eye Activation performs several functions at once:
1) Activates your 4th Eye with Amset and Aleph’s sacred energies.
2) Provides you with the Urim Thummin Empowerment
3) Creation of the tri-chromatic crystalline grid of circuitry resonance.
4) Swirling vortexes of the Four Eyes of Horus overlay your eyes.
5) Empowerments to 12 Strength Movers of the Light.


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