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20 Angel Reiki Attunement Package

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In this world of darkness and hardship we are all trying to raise our vibrations and that of those around us. many of us enjoy healing and empowering others. That is why I have put together this outstanding package of attunements - to give you the best healing experience possible. The 20 Angel Reiki Attunement Package is not only a wonderful place to start for beginners healing energy work but also is a great addition to more experienced lightworkers too.

These are the attunements you will receive:

11:11 Angel Reiki Attunements/numerology/11 attunements
20 Angelic Essences Reiki Attunement
4 Holy Archangelic Attunements
7 Archangels Seichim
Angel Garadiel Energy Reiki
Angel Light Initiation
Angel Of Happiness
Angel of Healing Addictive Behavior Empowerment Reiki
Angel Of Loving Consciousness
Angel Of Prosperity
Angel Reiki For Children
Angel Stones
Angelic Empowerments
Angelic cellular healing
Angelic Senses
Awakening Of Guardians Reiki
Colours Of Angels
Guardian Angel Reiki
Sapphires Of Angels
You are love