11 Holistic Guided Meditation Scripts - digital download

11 Holistic Guided Meditation Scripts

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By Caroline Todd

Welcome to this set of holistic guided meditations.

These meditations are aimed at helping you on your spiritual journey.

These are ideal for groupwork for meditation teachers as they also include suggestions for pauses to allow students to become more immersed in their experience.

You can also record them, leaving the pauses in place at the appropriate juncture and that will allow you to settle back and experience a wonderful meditation.


The meditations are:

Cosmic Connection Meditation
Crystal Cosmic Connection
Stargazing Meditation
Nature Harmony Meditation
Crystalline Energy Meditation
Celestial Journey Meditation
Mountain Serenity Meditation
Ocean Tranquillity Meditatio
Dimensional Chakra Healing Meditation
Inner Child Healing Meditation
Cleansing Fire Ritual Meditation



- pdf manual with meditation scripts

PLUS – you can use these meditations for your own groups

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email