Cord Cutting Sessions

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Energy is around us everywhere. Many times we can feel its presence in terms of happy and positive presence, but sometimes we notice more negative or darker energies. Both energies can have a profound effect on our wellbeing, emotional and spiritual welfare.

We make connections with everyone we come into contact with and although some people may be nothing more than passing acquaintences their energies can still have a big effect on us, especially if they are very critical.

People who we make connections with regularly will have a longer lasting efect on us. We may not even realise they are affecting our mood or actions at first, we may just feel "out of sorts" or not "with it."

The connection we make with others can be seen by those who cna see the aura and they can take the form of tubes. These tubes can be thikck thin or somewhere inbetween. This allows the energies to flow from one to another. These energy lnks can be helpful as well as unhelpful and remember it is a two way contact so they may also be feeling the effects of your enegies too!

Negative energies can inhibit us in life and can cause our development and emotional stability to be undermined.

Here are just a few of the symptoms negative energies can have on you:

  • Crying for no reason
  • Unable to move on with life after the break up with a loved one or friend
  • Obsessing about someone and their actions and always wondering what they are doing
  • Constant chatter in your mind and having conversations or re-running conversations with someone
  • Constantly feeling bad, down or inferior
  • Temptation to return to an ex or staying in a relationship that no lnger positively serves you
  • Problems sleeping
  • Constant worrying and feeling angry, vengeful, sad, etc
  • Unable to remove negative emotions
  • People who have suffered at the hand of emotional physical and sexual predators or abusers will always benefit from ford cutting


When would I need cord cutting?

If you have been through an event or have had contact with someone who has impacted on your life in a negative way, then cord cutting will help release you both.

Is cord cutting painful?

Not at all. Cutting the cords that bind you can liberate you and the other person.  You may feel an emotional release or sometimes you can feel like a physical weight has been lifted, the experience is different for everyone.  Generally, you will feel calmer, more balanced and at peace.

How long do cords last?

Everyone one we meet has an impression of one kind or another on us.  We form judgements (as do they) and that connects us to them. Some cords are very nebulous and have no further impact on us but can remain in our auras for life.  Other people have a profound effect on us and these cords can be thick. All cords remain within our energy bodies until the end of life or until they are removed by cord cutting.

Can a cord be re-connected?

If you make a re-connection with the person you have had the cord cut from, then yes it can create a new cord.

Does cord cutting hurt the other person?

No, if it is done with positive intentions. The other person may experience some of the same kind of freeing as you do as the energy is not connecting you anymore.

Can cord cutting split people up?

Cords of attachment are made between couples, married or not and whilst many of the cords will be positive there may be some that do not help or serve the relationship. These can be cut and the relationship will not be damaged, unless it is built on control by one of the couples, in which case a split may occur as a person is empowered by cutting the negative cords. Cord cutting family ties or relationships will enable you both to have a fresh start

Will cord cutting change a bad relationship into a good relationship?

Sadly not. We are all different and have free will. No. Cutting the cord will only remove the energies that are impacting you in a negative way.

Is cord cutting helpful in cases of abuse?

Definitely and this is one area where there can be astounding results. Abuse in whatever form can leave very deep scars affecting a person’s whole view of life. Cord cutting can free a person and empower them to move forward with their lives enabling them to be the best they can be free from the limiting negative energies that have been inflicted on them.

Does cord cutting help with bereavement?

Yes, it can help you on the physical plane to move on with life and it can also help the person who has died to move to where they need to be too.

Can cord cutting help with divorce?

Yes, divorce can affect people very deeply, even if they initiate the proceedings for whatever reason. The relationship is still a loss and can cause mourning.  By cutting the cord of attachment you will be able to move on quicker with your life and feel more positive.

Will I need more than one cord cutting session?

We continually make associations and connections with people we are in regular contact with. Whether this is in a personal relationship, work relations or healing and therapy relationship. In fact, if you are a healer it is recommended you have a cord cutting or energy releasing session regularly to ensure you do not retain or take on board the negative energies of others.

Once cord cutting has been done then you can expect to find empowerment and freedom. often you will feel a kind of lightness of mind and freedom. Your mind will be calmer and there will be less internal chatter. You will feel uplifted and ready to move on.

I always cut cords with loving Reiki energy and it is always done in love with the help of angels and spirit guides.

1 cord cutting session - £15

2 cord cutting sessions - £28

3 cord cutting sessions - £40