Ceremonial White Magic Reiki Attunement

Ceremonial White Magic

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By Catherine Hand

It is recommended you are a Reiki Master to take this attunement

Ceremonial White Magic is purely a manifesting tool to better our selves, accelerate our learning, heighten spiritual growth, intensity healing, telepathy, and awaken the emergence of human consciousness through purificaiton.

The attunements clear the focal points of our macrocosmic and microcosmic etheric centers, in order that the meridians and nadis are cleansed.  Karmic patterns can be better understood, so we can move on and change, transforming old energy patterns, created by cellular past life memoires in a way that no longer hinders our life.

White magic an conly be used for the highest good of mankind and all living creatures.  It is for self development, spiritual progression in order to intensity healing, to change a situation and awaken our third eye activity.  You will receive the folliwng 5 attunements to this system over distance at once.

level 1-attunement to the temple guardian
level 2-attunement to the unifier goddess
level 3-attunement to the goddess of mercy and protection
level 4-attunement to the vibrant goddess of beauty
level 5-attunement to the white magic wand.