Wound Healer Reiki PACKAGE - ALL 3 LEVELS

Wound Healer Reiki PACKAGE - ALL 3 LEVELS

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By Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture


Wound Healer Reiki 1 is the first in a trilogy. This form of reiki  helps with physical and emotional wounds. It will also heal tears and holes in your etheric bodies and is wonderful for people who are new to Reiki as well as those who are already teachers. Simply ask for healing of your energy bodies and lay still as you are worked on by this compassionate, intelligent energy.

Wound Healer Reiki’s unique energy calibration makes it perfect for everyone who wants to feel whole and healthy in every area of their being.

Wound Healer Reiki level 1 is designed for emotional, physical and etheric body wounds. Physical wounds heal quicker with this energy. Wound Healer Reiki is under the authority of your Higher Self and Soul, together with what your personality allows to be healed at this time.

If this is your first time to receive any Reiki attunement, you can use this energy for yourself or for people who are in the same room with you. In subsequent levels of Wound Healer Reiki, you will receive attunements and training that will give you the ability to send Wound Healer Reiki and indeed any Reiki, long distance. You will also receive healing through time and space for any previous incarnations and other aspects of your soul.

If you are a Reiki level 2 in another reiki modality or a Reiki Master Teacher, then you can confidently send Wound Healer Reiki over a distance to persons, animals, plants, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles or rocks, now


Attunement to Wound Healer Reiki – Level 2 provides you with the ability to receive healing for wounds that occurred to any part of who you are in other times and places, including previous incarnations. There are times when injuries received in sleep dream time are noticed by our bodies as ‘real’ and we may feel tenderness in the corresponding body area of our physicality here. Some people awaken and wonder how they ‘hurt themselves’ in the night or why there is a mysterious ache that persists despite using their regular healing modality.

Clear, concise intentions are very important, together with a healing modality that is designed to be effective no matter where or when the wound occurred

In Wound Healer Reiki 2 people really step into their own, for they have the tool and know how to be extremely effective.

Whether physically present with your client or not, Reiki symbols give authority to access healing irregardless of when the wound occurred.

Often times a message will rise up as a layer of the wound is ready for healing. There are times when, until the message is heard, healing may be rejected, for the lesson may not have been fully learned.  Simply the hearing of the message, with the encouragement of Wound Healer Reiki, the energy holding the wound open, will quickly release, given permission by the Soul that it is now appropriate to accept healing.


Wound Healer Reiki – Level 3  is the final in this trilogy and it brings an upgrade of the energies, more strength and a broader band of healing. After you receive your Wound Healer Reiki 3 attunement, you will find it easy to send these energies long distance for locations on Earth, Trees, Rocks, Crystals and other Mineral Beings, Ocean Life, Wild Animals, Birds and others life here on this planet.

Once you have your attunement for Wound Healer Reiki 3 you will notice more and more opportunities to heal in Service to Source. The Source of Eternal Life, Love and Light will beckon you to assist with healing of the various life forms here on Earth.


- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
- certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email