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60 Angel Reiki Attunement Package

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In this world of darkness and hardship we are all trying to raise our vibrations and that of those around us.  many of us enjoy healing and empowering others.  That is why I have put together this outstanding package of attunements - to give you the best healing experience possible.

These are the attunements you will receive:


  1. 11:11 Angel Reiki Attunements/numerology/11 attunements
  2. 20 Angelic Essences Reiki Attunement
  3. 4 Holy Archangelic Attunements
  4. 49 Angel Symbols Reiki
  5. 7 Archangels Seichim
  6. Angel Garadiel Energy Reiki
  7. Angel Guides Empowerment
  8. Angel Light Initiation Reiki
  9. Angel Lightworker Program
  10. Angel Of Awareness
  11. Angel Of Cleansing Reiki
  12. Angel of Communication and Expression Empowerment
  13. Angel Of Happiness
  14. Angel of Healing Addictive Behavior Empowerment Reiki
  15. Angel Of Loving Consciousness
  16. Angel Of Prosperity
  17. Angel Of Prosperity Reiki
  18. Angel of Release
  19. Angel Of Self Healing
  20. Angel of Space Clearing Empowerment
  21. Angel Reiki For Children
  22. Angel Reiki System Attunement
  23. Angel Stones Empowerment Reiki
  24. Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy
  25. Angelic Cellular Healing Reiki Attunement
  26. Angelic Elemental Template
  27. Angelic Empowerments Reiki
  28. Angelic Senses Reiki
  29. Angelite Stone Energy Reiki
  30. Angels & Unicorns Reiki Attunement
  31. Angels Heart Empowerment
  32. Angels Of Defiance
  33. Angels Of The Earth – Animal Healing Reiki
  34. Animal Angels Reiki
  35. Archangel Michael Alignment Reiki
  36. Archangel Michael’s Protection Flame
  37. Archangel Raphael Healing Empowerment Program Reiki
  38. Archangel Raphael’s Traveller’s Empowerment
  39. Archangelic Colours
  40. Archangels Of Light Team Reiki
  41. Awakening Of The Guardians Reiki
  42. Calling Your Blue Flame Angel
  43. Children’s Angelic Light Reiki Attunement
  44. Colours Of Angels
  45. Create An Angel Box
  46. Feathers Of An Angel Reiki
  47. Golden Armor of Archangel Raphael
  48. Guardian Angel reiki
  49. Inner Angel Awakening Reiki Empowerment
  50. Light Of The Angels Empowerment Reiki
  51. Love Forgiveness & Magic Of The Angels Reiki
  52. Mary Queen Of Angels
  53. Money Angel Reiki
  54. Sapphires Of Angels
  55. Shield Of Archangel Michael Reiki Attunement
  56. The Gold Ray Of Raphael
  57. The Key of Archangel Raziel Activation
  58. The Order of the Gold Light of Melchizedek Attunement
  59. You are love
  60. Zadkiel Attunement